Is it to have fun?

Are you looking to share a warm, inviting, private space with an incredible community?

Supper Club offers you drinks, dinner & a dance lesson. All in a warm ambient setting designed to help you connect more deeply.

Is it to improve your communication?

What if you knew exactly where you stood in the relationship? I mean physically.

With dance, your “preverbally” footing is made literal. You know where you stand with your partner. You discover where you are putting too much pressure on each other and not adding enough. It’s revealed if you are moving in sync or stepping on each other’s toes.

Dancing shows you how connected your energy is to your partners. You learn so much through a physical connection because you communicate without words. Dancing forces you to connect body to body. Tapping into your intuitive spirit will help you discover a deeper connection to your partner’s energy. As you learn to flow on the dance floor, you will practice sensing your partner’s feelings.

This connection gives you the tools to navigate discussing sensitive topics because the language between two people on a dance floor is the same as their language in everyday connection.

Is it to connect?

If you are looking for a way to connect with your partner, try the simplest way possible. Reach out and touch them.

Dancing is a movement practice grounded in touch & exploration. It’s a way to physically connect with another person that is not based on sex or expectation. You get to move with your partner while looking into their eyes because it’s an incredible sensation that’s soul mending.

Being physically present can be challenging. It’s hard to understand if you are in someone’s space or if it’s appropriate to touch. Dancing gives you that permission. And it does so in a community setting.

The intimate crowd of up to 20 participants creates a social capital that protects you from…you. Surrounded by people, you can’t just sulk off if you’re struggling or frustrated. You’re in it, and if you’re in it, you will continue to try. As you do this, you may feel uncomfortable. Being in public means that your frustrations are held in check. The protective Starlite community helps you move through any discomfort without blowing up, and it does so in a private space.

Is it to include the whole family?

Do you wish you could go out with your partner but not worry about your kids?

Starlite Super Club again has you covered. We offer childcare onsite in our smaller studio. This way, you’ll never be far from your bundles of joy, but separate enough that you can be comfortable and present, alone with your partner.

If any of these goals are what you are looking for then please join us for Supper Club once a month, and experience your perfect date!