Take a minute to gaze upon the independent businesses that have made Starlite Bozeman their home! Starlite Bozeman is lucky to host classes provided by these Partners – please visit their websites below to book a class.

MT Feminine Movement Studio

By Sadie Barac

MT Feminine Movement Studio specializes in S-Factor classes where you’ll learn to strengthen and nurture your feminine body through an intuitive flow of body-challenging sequences designed specifically for women.

You’ll experience a combination of yoga, pilates, pole, and free dance – all while surrounding yourself with a uniquely supportive tribe of soulfully sexy sisters.

downbeat vintage swing society

Downbeat Vintage Swing Society is a non-profit working to spread vintage swing dancing as a form a community building, a healthy activity, and a piece of living American history!

If you are new to dancing this is the perfect way to get started (and to meet new people)! All ages are welcome


By Suzi Rose & Lucas Benda

Not everyone in Montana is a cowboy, but anyone can learn to country swing and two-step. From weddings to concerts and bars you will find dancers enjoying the spins and dips of this lively dance style.

Working with all levels, we focus on establishing a strong foundation for each dancer to build their skills on. Enjoy confidence on the dance floor by mastering the basics, and then adding style and more as you feel comfortable.

Private and group lessons available. Email to learn more!

rock that body

Rock That Body is a Dance Fitness inspired group exercise class that will get your heart rate up, those endorphins pumping and the sweat dripping! 
Class consists of a wide variety of musical genres accompanied by many different styles of dance throughout. Zero experience required to participate in this class.  All fitness levels welcome – options and modifications are always shown so you can choose your level of intensity in each class.  Choreography is unique to RTB and like anything, the more you come the more confident you become.
This is a great workout to supplement other fitness routines you may already have! Dance fitness gives you many benefits like caloric burn, mood boost, memory, balance-coordination, endurance, confidence and so much more!
Get ready for the Dance Fitness experience with Rock that Body!
Enroll ahead of time and view class schedule on Schedulicity at the link below.

Want to join the team?

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