Today everyone has a solution.

Everyone will tell you.

People love to talk. That’s the problem.

We want to build communities to tackle big challenges.

Yet all we seem to do is talk…and talk….and talk.

Instead, act. Right now.

Build a community around a shared sensory experience as you feel more comfortable with your footing in that community.

The secret.


It’s simple, easy, effortless.

Just start moving. Then move some more.

Explore the different parts of your body. Your head, your neck, your shoulders, your elbows, your hands, your spine, your hips, your knees, your feet.

Tune out the noise and focus on your physical form.

Feel liberated in the joy of exploring your body.

As you dance, you create and strengthen neural pathways from your brain to your body.

You learn a whole new language, as you work on your physical vocabulary.

As you become more confident speaking your physical language, you become more confident in your physical form. This experience allows you to feel more comfortable integrating into the energy that surrounds you.

Dancing is so accessible that those around you discover their own sense of confidence in their physical form.

Dancing is so open that anyone that surrounds you partakes in this act of physical community building. Together we move to the sound and rhythm, all sharing in the same experience.

If you dance long enough in your communal experience, I promise that you will find joy in your body.

That joy is yours to then take forth. It’s a ripple.

It’s an energy that each person can use to tackle the solution to the problem they choose to face.

Joy helps you and those around you open up. It allows us to connect easier and it reminds us that we are never alone.

Enough talk.


Have fun.