Wednesday September 14 - October 12 7:00 - 8:30 pm
More than just a dance class, this five-week series dives into the history and variety of Burlesque as performance art. We will practice traditional burlesque dance moves and explore modern styles of burlesque. Over the course of this series, you will have the chance to tap into your creative muse to develop and perform your own unique burlesque act!

Week 1: Intro to Burlesque
We'll start with a brief history lesson and discussion of traditional and modern styles of burlesque, then learn basic burlesque dance steps and combinations.

Week 2: Floorwork and Chair Dance
Explore burlesque movement on the floor and chair. (We can incorporate pole dance, too, if students are interested!)

Week 3: Props and the Art of Tease
Play dress up (and dress down) with traditional burlesque props like feather fans, gloves, robes, stockings, and boas.

Week 4: Burlesque Choreo and Workshop Time
Learn a choreographed traditional burlesque routine incorporating moves and techniques learned in Weeks 1-3. Spend some time workshopping your concept for a burlesque character or act.

Week 5: Becoming Burlesque!
Perform an Act of your own creation for your Burlesque classmates. (We'll work on this throughout the series, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare and put together a piece that is authentically 'you'!)

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